Maid Service in Nashville, TN

Professional Maid Service in Nashville and the Surrounding Areas

No two parts of Nashville are the same. Whether you’re in East Nashville, Green Hills, The Gulch, Hillsboro-Belmont, Antioch, or Downtown – we’re all part of Music City, U.S.A.

Germs and homes co-exist in the same way. They’re everywhere and all part of the same home! Fortunately, there are many ways to tackle a dirty house. The Maids offers different cleaning services to battle the grime all throughout the 615 with a maid service that aims to please.

Nashville’s Best Customized Maid Service

When we began servicing Nashville and the surrounding area, we quickly realized that no two requests for maid service were alike. Some customers wanted us several times a week. Some once a month. Some only once. Some immediately – as in today.

That’s when we began offering customized cleaning plans to help you find the best cleaning service – no contracts needed.

One Time Cleaning

Do you normally handle your own cleaning, but have had a hard time getting it done lately?Are life’s demands making it difficult to keep up with household chores?  Whatever the need, let us help.

Recurring Cleaning

If you’re serious about a clean, healthy home, let The Maids visit your home on a scheduled basis. We’ll set up a recurring schedule, so you never have to worry about whether your house is clean or not.

Spring / Fall Cleaning

Spring and fall are great times to clean your home, especially when the allergens come out. Have our team deep clean your house using our extensive 22-Step Cleaning Process.

Moving Day Cleaning

Moving is a massive chore, but cleaning before or after isn’t when you have The Maids of Nashville do it! We’re flexible and we can make moving day easier!

Same Day Cleaning

Need something cleaned, washed, scrubbed, wiped, dusted, or vacuumed today? We work great under pressure. Few cleaning services can handle last-minute cleaning – but we can.

Special Cleaning Services

Have a specific job, like cabinet or carpet cleaning? What about individual rooms? The Maids are happy to handle special requests because we do them all the time.

Let’s work together.

Contact The Maids of Nashville, TN for a free quote on maid service that suits your needs!